Caravaggio in Cucina by Renato Marcialis


This main gallery showcases the works that marked the beginning of my new adventure.
These works determined my use of the classical open format (cm 60×80) on a 4 cm thick wooden frame. The subject appears with its shapes and colors on a dark background.
After several requests I decided to print smaller sizes, creating pieces that are both more affordable and also less invasive in smaller spaces. For these I continue u to use the same classical open format.
Sizes are cm 13×15 – 21×30 – 23×23 – 30×40 – 40×50 – 50×23 – 50×50 – 50×60 – 95×33.
A black matte frame is to be added to the above mentioned sizes.


This gallery was inspired by Juan Sanchez Cotan, a Spanish painter contemporary to Caravaggio. His works were characterized by a niche where the various food items were carefully arranged in order to compose a picture.
These works have such a three dimensional optical effect that I have often witnessed visitors reach out trying to touch the objects they are drawn to.


For a long time I resisted the idea of enlarging my subjects, believing it would create undesirable results. Yet, it is also said that it is important to recognize your mistakes, and that is what I had to do.
I was asked to curate an exhibit of my art for a gallery in China. This expansive space hosts an estimated 50 million guests a year. In preparation, I didn’t want to enlarge an image created for a specific format but wanted to create something new. This is where extra large came to be, where the horizontal portion of the picture is about two or three times the length of the vertical side. The base measures cm 180, while the height is determined by the subject itself.
These works are pleasing to the eye because of the beauty that is offered by nature, and for this I have no merits.


These portraits are the most grueling and taxing works of my entire repertoire. The process involves both the research of the outfits worn by the subject and the moment in everyday life to be portrayed. The subject then must be completely still for a few minutes or everything needs to be redone.
Except for the ones on display, these portraits are by commission only

Galleria Video Renato Marcialis – Caravaggio in Cucina

Caravaggio in cucina - Byobly intervista Renato Marcialis
Caravaggio in cucina intervista Renato Marcialis
Renato Marcialis - Caravaggio in Cucina intervista a Byoblu