Caravaggesche – Works inspired by the great Michelangelo Merisi


This main gallery showcases the works that marked the beginning of my new adventure.
These works determined my use of the classical open format (cm 60×80) on a 4 cm thick wooden frame. The subject appears with its shapes and colors on a dark background.
After several requests I decided to print smaller sizes, creating pieces that are both more affordable and also less invasive in smaller spaces. For these I continue u to use the same classical open format.
Sizes are cm 13×15 – 21×30 – 23×23 – 30×40 – 40×50 – 50×23 – 50×50 – 50×60 – 95×33.
A black matte frame is to be added to the above mentioned sizes.





Caravaggesche : Lights and shadows

A trait of Master Caravaggio is the way he illuminates his subjects. In all but one of his works, the light comes from left to right and either directly above or close to the same height of his subjects. As it happens, I also have a work where the light comes from left to right. I won’t say which one and will instead let you use your observation skills to figure it out.

Caraveggesche – Luci e combre tipica atmosfera del Caravaggio

Caravaggesche : Beauty arises from pathos

As if by magic, the Master manages to lift his subjects up, making it appear as if they are coming out of the canvas itself. I was so taken by this outcome when I tried this technique for the first time: seeing the subject surrounded by nothingness. I believe that this technique highlights the beauty of the gastronomic subjects I am photographing.


Caravaggesche – Dalla drammaticità sfocia la bellezza