Cotaniane Gallery


This gallery was inspired by Juan Sanchez Cotan, a Spanish painter contemporary to Caravaggio. His works were characterized by a niche where  the various food items were carefully arranged in order to compose a picture.
These works have such a three dimensional optical effect that I have often witnessed visitors reach out trying to touch the objects they are drawn to.





Cotaniane: Inspired by Juan Sanchez Cotan, Spanish painter

The exactness of the composition is extremely important. But, making the most of the minimal space does not mean filling the space, but rather only adding foods and objects where appropriate. I have reached this exactness when the image results in a graceful composition.

Cotaniane - Ispirate a Juan Sanchez Cotain Pittore Spagnolo

Works inspired by Juan Sanchez Cotan – Cotaniane

Again in this series, the light comes from left to right, helping to bring a depth to the image, giving the objects an added three-dimensional its. The contrast between the image and the background is accentuated by the grey striped structure behind the objects.


Opere ispirate a Juan Sanchez Cotàn - Cotaniane